You know that success in school means success later in life. More than just passing tests, you want your child to truly understand the material so that the knowledge can be used as the foundation for classes and careers to come. Discover our Six Steps to ensure your student's success. Click here to read more...

Three Ways We Can Help

Here are the three ways we can help your student become a Know-It-All...

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  • Tutoring

    Our office provides One-To-One tutoring in Math, Science, and Foreign Language. We also offer In-Home Tutoring and summer studies skills. Discover why tutoring is important, and how you can ensure the success of your student.

  • Test Preparation

    We offer...
    * One-To-One
    * SAT Test Preparation
    * ACT Test Preparation
    * Proctored Practice Exams
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  • Study Skills

    Better study skills now means less tutoring later. That is why our Introduction to Success is the ideal first step for any student entering 4th through 11th grade. Read more here...

Insight into the Pauker Method

Pauker still critiques student and instructor performance throughout the centers he founded, increasing quality and teaching his “more is more” and “when you’re done, you’re done” point gain methods. The following email passage from Scott Pauker to a tutor he recently trained offers some insight into the Pauker Method. Subject: Teddy & Frank Frank needs to work […]

Know It All Tutors Lowers Your Car Insurance!

How Does Know It All Tutors Help Lower Your Car Insurance Rates? A good student discount rewards students financially for doing well in school. Because statistics show that students who get good grades are less likely to get into a car accident, car insurance companies see them as lower risk and, in turn, offer savings […]

Geometry Student Earns 105.61%!

Brielle is a true Know It All. She is taking a full year of Geometry for the first time over the summer. No easy task considering the fast pace of summer school. She completed her first semester with an “A” and is currently going above and beyond knowing it all with a 105.61%. Check it […]